Extreme Trust – Honesty as a competitive advantage

Last weekend, during the DMA 2012 congress, I have had the opportunity to attend a keynote by Don Peppers, well-known specialist in customer driven business stratgy. Don Peppers talked about the content of his last book, “Extreme Trust”, which is about the growing need for businesses to deserve the consumers’ trust if they want to […]

The new Immovlan.be is live

After several months of development and a complete migration of providers, systems and technology, the new Immo.vlan.be web site has been launched today. Next to the technical exercise, the new Immovlan.be web site has introduce some unique new features on the Real Estate search in Belgium. First off, the usability has been drastically improved: by […]

The Vendor-Client Relationship

I don’t know where the following video comes from neither who realised it, but it nicely illustrates the situation some companies are facing with their customers during these crisis times. As a smile is always good, here is a movie that presents variations of vendor-client relationship in day-to-day situations. I’m the speeches may sound familiar […]

Belgian Webmission: Entrepreneurs to San Francisco

The Webmission idea started with two Belgian web developers: Laurent Eschenauer from Liège, who created the  Life Stream tool Storytlr (which he was invited to present by Google) and Xavier Damman from Nivelles, who launched Commentag, a tool that aims to organize the masses of information tha goes through the Micro-Blogging tool Twitter. Initially, they […]