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Active in Online Marketing since 1997, I have driven the end-to-end creation and growth of what is now a local search engine to a top-10 usage and a steady top-3 revenue (a 8-digit figure) position on the Belgian online market.
During my work at the Belgian Yellow Pages, we have always been able to manage a well-performing P&L while continuously developing new initiatives by relying on creative pragmatism and smart levering of the company’s and brand’s assets . In doing so we have brought the Belgian version of the Yellow Pages on-line concept to one of the strongest of his international peers on major KPI’s such as user penetration and revenue.

My personal career has also lead me to very active involvement in strategically and operationally driving other domains such as database management, and especially sales approach and segmentation.

Today, my heart still clearly lies in the online sphere in which I keep finding the same excitement in looking at new initiatives coming from all sides, interacting with the social web, and discovering the rise of new technologies and the user and business opportunities they create.

I therefore decided to create Biz-Net in 2009 in order to give me full flexibility to work on interesting challenges in various sectors.

Next to some web sites, and consultancy work, I have worked for three years together with the Vlan/Rossel and the Roularta Media Groups to bring the vlan.be web sites to a next level. Developing a whole new immo site with exclusive features, launching the first Belgian Real Estate iPhone application (with augmented reality), developing mobile web sites and setting up the social media approach, media campaign and gamification marketing have been part of many activities among those groups.

Since 2012, working together with Bisnode, I have developed deeper knowledge and expertise in data-driven marketing, omnichannel one-to-one communication, and business intelligence.

Base Specialties:

  • Proven successes with both users and advertisers in search and online advertising
  • Experience as from the early days with new platforms such as mobile developments, Digital Television…
  • Experience in market segmentation, sales strategy, planning and reporting for a sales force of more than 300 people;
  • Social media, omnichannel marketing;
  • (Big) Data;
  • Business intelligence
  • Operational processes and IT projects management;
  • Fluent in French, English and Dutch.

In concreto:

For the whole concrete story, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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